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Coastal Lamb from New Zealand

 Coastal Lambs® exclusively feed on the grass on the New Zealand coast where salt laden winds continually blow into the pastures the young lambs graze on.

This gives Coastal Lamb® it’s unique mild, clean taste and delicate, succulent texture.

The small lambs have a typical hang weight of 35-45 Lbs ensuring the meat is tender and succulent opposed to larger USA or Australian lambs at 80-100 lbs which result larger cuts with higher fat content.

Halal Certified, Free Range, Grass Fed, Raised without added Hormones
Raised Exclusively on Coastal Family Farms
Processing  by OVATION, NZ in a US Certified Facility with full Carton ID & Traceability

For more information  please see the COASTAL LAMB Website  


These cuts are stocked in Los Angeles and Morro Bay ready for Local Delivery 

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Coastal Lamb ® - 8 Rib Center Cut French Rack 12-14oz,16-18oz,18-20oz

A standard 8 rib rack is removed between the 4th and 5th ribs and 12th and 13th ribs. Flaps are removed by a straight cut parallel to the back bone from the loin eye measured from the loin end. Chine and feather bones and paddywack and cap are removed, prior to cleanly water frenching 35mm 1.5 inches from rib ends. Racks are professionally weight ranged.

 Coastal Lamb® - Hindshanks

The hindshank is removed from the leg by a straight knife cut through the stifle joint. The knuckle tip is removed at the commencement of the shank meat. 

Coastal Lamb® Boneless Loin Eye - Filet

A 1 Rib Bone In Saddle is removed from the carcase between the 12th & 13th rib and below the round of the Aitch bone.Saddle is them deboned (by either hand or machine) and both the fat cap and silverskin are removed, avoiding damage to the loin eye which are trimmed and the ends are squared.

Coastal Lamb® - Bone Less Sirloin - Medallion

The medallion are derived from a chump on bone in lamb leg. The sirloin is removed by a straight cut across the leg one fingers space from the ball joint. The fat cap is removed along with any diamond fat. The sirloin follows the natural seam and not be rounded. Excess fat is trimmed off the top of the medallion.

Coastal Lamb ®- Bone Less netted Leg 

Boned Rolled Netted is a very lean and high yeilding lamb leg. A chump on leg is cleanly removed off the aitch bone and separated from the carcass. The shank is removed by a straight cut through the stifle joint and femur bone by tunnel boning. Chump is removed by a straight cut as close to the ball joint as possible. Remove gland and fat under the heel muscle - keep knife scores to a minimum and remove excess fat on cut surfaces.

Coastal Lamb ®- Bone In Short Loin - whole

Shortloin saddle removed by saw thru cushion 1st lumbar vertebrae, then by saw cut hard against the 12th rib. The 13 rib is removed by a method to ensure excessive meat removal & fell damage is avoided. After splitting down the spinal centre,tidily remove spinal cord, scrape sawdust & remove any other visible defects prior to packing. Internal fats to be trimmed even with the meat surface which avoids damage to the fillet. 

Coastal Lamb ®- Bone In Leg

The Leg is removed from the carcase by a clean cut. The Knuckle Tip is removed at the commencement of the shank meat. The Tail, all Cod Fat, Udder Fat plus Flank including Percural Gland and associated fat is removed. The chump is removed by saw cut one fingers space below the ball joint. Any fat around the cut surfaces is bevelled. (CKT=Chump Knuckle Tail off)

By controlling every step from farm to fork, we offer a year round selection of high-quality lamb. We blast freeze our products at -40 °F to maintain peak freshness, locks in taste, reduces crystallization, and seals in vitamins and minerals.

Coastal Lamb frozen product is fresher and straight from the farm !