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Salt Pasture Lamb

Salt Pasture Lamb” is a specialty Lamb raised ONLY in Coastal Pastures and Coastal Marshlands where the sea-air and marshlands flavor the grasses NOT lambs raised inland pastures or feedlots.

This "Salt Pasture" designation applies ONLY to the lambs are raised exclusively in the coastal pastures and coastal marshlands around the world.

The three main and notable Salt Pasture Regions are

Northern France, North Island New Zealand, and Wales Gower Peninsula.

This salt pasture lamb meat has a distinctive, non-gamey, flavor without the slightest trace of salt. Also referred to as salt meadow or Agneau de pré-salé (French: "Salt marsh lamb") has a superior delicate taste, very tender & succulent with very little fat that makes the lamb significantly different from inland or feedlot raised lamb. 

The high salt levels and mineral rich content of these plants and grasses also make the muscle cells in the flesh retain more moisture and so the meat is juicier and ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ tender with much less fat. The added benefit of the sea-washed pastures or marshes is that the salty water kills a large number of bacteria that can be harmful to sheep. So the need to treat the animals with chemicals is considerably reduced.

Salt Pasture Lamb is used by chefs and lamb lovers around the world. Salt Pasture lambs are fully traceable to its Country and unique coastal point of origin. Listed here are three main accredited salt pasture producing regions:

 FRANCE: Normandy & Brittany Coast known as Agneau de Pré- Salé -translated or referred to as “The salt meadow lambs”. These lambs are exclusively raised on the salt meadows, and salt marshes on France’s Atlantic coast and have AOC (appellation d'origine contrôlée) certification, sold domestically June thru September.

WALES: Gower Coastal Marsh Lamb gains its unique characteristics from specific vegetation and environment of the salt marshes on the Welsh coastline. The lambs are assigned with GI (Geographical Indication) and sold regionally during the summer.

NEW ZEALAND: On the North Island of New Zealand there are currently 17 family Coastal Farms that produce multi-award-winning “Coastal Lamb” ® Brand. Visit online Coast Lamb Family Farms of New Zealand to see they all exclusively reside on the coast. “Coastal Lamb”® is exported to over twelve countries around the world, including the USA, on a year round basis.