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Kerwee Wagyu Beef from Australia

Kerwee Wagyu Beef from Australia has a unique life cycle and feeding program that is supported by the best gentics outside Japan. We Airfreight direct from Australia on a weekly basis.

Kerwee Wagyu Beef LIFE CYCLE: 0-9 Months Mothers Milk  9-18 Months weaned in Grass Pasture 18-30 Feed Lot Transition from Grass to Grain Diet 30-33 Months 400 Day White Grain Finish

Wagyu GENETICS: 75% of Kerwee Wagyu cattle are pure wagyu (F4 or 93.75% Fullblood Wagyu content) or greater The balance are F1 (50% Wagyu), F2 (75% Wagyu) or F3 (87.5% Wagyu).

The Australian Wagyu genetic pool is the most advanced outside of Japan because Australia were able to access Fullblood genetics directly from Japan in the 1990’s; whereas all other countries have had to breed-up using hybrid breeds. In other word, Australia now has a nucleus Fullblood genetic pool to draw on.

  • Kerwee was the Winner of the World Steak & Triple Crown Challenge 
  • Wagyu F1 is High quality tender meat with a rich and silky flavor at affordable Price Point
  • USDA Inspected , HALAL Certified NO hormones, NO growth promotants NO GMOs
  • Grass fed, then finished on a minimum of 400 days on white grain (NO CORN)

Steaks Individually Cut & Portioned

Wet Aged FROZEN.

NY Strip 20 oz BMS 8+

Boneless Ribeye 20 Oz BMS 8 +

Cowboy Ribeye Bone In Rib Roast 3lbs / Each BMS4

Whole Fresh Cuts

Wet Aged FRESH. Vacuum Sealed

Fresh NY Striploin

Fresh Bone LESS Ribeye

Fresh Bone In Rib 7 Rib eye