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Roadshow & Signature Dishes

PD Ranch LLC has available for Special events and Roadshows a Custom 316 Stainless Steel "Propane & Flame" Dual Fuel Grill.  

This Unique ALL  stainless steel 316 grill has pefect combination of controlled Propane Heat and Oak Log flame taste. The grill can quickly heat up to over 1000 Celcuis for specialty meats like Venison and Wagyu.

The Oak flame can provide the perfect flavor profile, sear or char just as you see in local santa maria style grills on the Central Coast but with all the temperture control of a high performace propane Grill.

The Double Grilling Decks allow for flame or no flame cooking all with exact control temperature for Propane Burners


Saturday RoadShow in Morro Bay

Look out for JD and Chef Jose Dahan serving Lamb Lollipops with Mint sauce in Morro Bay Harbor, next to Dockside on Saturdays !


JD Signature Cuts 

 Here are two of JD signature Preparations using PD Ranch signature cuts. Great ideas for the Holidays and Special Occassions

Wagyu Cowboy Bone In Ribeye Roast

  This is a Bone in Ribeye weighing about 3lbs per each Bone.  The combination of 

Wagyu Marbling - Open flame - Bone In

flavors is pretty special. 


Crown of Coastal Lamb


This Salt Pasture raised 4 x eight rib center cut racks of Lamb can be formed into a crown and grilled on open flame or in an oven.

The presenatation is spectacular.