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San Bernardo Creek Ranch, Morro Bay, California

Since 1997 the founders, Peter (PD) & Barbara Diethelm, have operated a Cow - Calf Coastal Beef Program with approximately 100 Pair grazing on the coastal hills and alongside the Creeks of San Bernardo Creek Ranch, Morro Bay, California. Every year the calves are born around October raised on California's Coastal Pastures and shipped May-June.

San Bernardo Creek Ranch is committed to Sustainable Ranching & a goal of Net Zero Beef Production.

Today John Diethelm (JD), Ranch Manager, also operates a Premium Meat Sales trading Division for Central Coast Chefs, Restaurants, Butchers and Caterers. 


PD Ranch LLC  is a Distributor of Premium Imported Meats -
 Salt Pasture Lamb -  Venison & Elk - Wagyu Beef

 Coastal Lamb from New Zealand 

Coastal Lambs exclusively feed on the grass on the New Zealand coast where salt laden winds continually blow into the pastures the young lambs graze on. This gives  Coastal Lamb it’s unique mild, clean taste and delicate, succulent texture. The Lambs have a typical hang weight of 35-45 Lbs ensuring the meat is tender and succulent opoosed to larger Domestic or Australian Export sheep type products.

For more information  please see the COASTAL LAMB Website  

Mountain River Venison & Elk  from New Zealand

Venison & Elk have to freedom to raom on New Zealands year round lush green pastures and are culled at under 3 years. The processing plants are ISO 9002 certified using frozen vaccum packaging the product is available year round.  The Cervena farmers ahere to a strict quality assurance program  which allow for consitancy in size and tenderness for chef and Butchers.

• Produced in a natural, sustainable manner

• Nature-farmed in the South Island of New Zealand
• Grass fed, free of steroids and growth promotants
• Under 30 months of age at harvest
• Pasture to Plate Quality
• Subtle delicate flavor, superb tenderness, and excellent nutritional qualities
• Low in fat and cholesterol, but rich in iron and protein
• Available all year round

Kerwee Wagyu from Australia


Kerwee  Wagyu breeding program using genetic selection to meet their desired Wagyu beef qualities of marbling, color, taste and tenderness. • 75% of Kerwee Wagyu cattle are pure wagyu (F4 or 93.75% Fullblood Wagyu content) or greater. The balance are F1 (50% Wagyu), F2 (75% Wagyu) or F3 (87.5% Wagyu).


Kerwee engage specialist Japanese nutritionists to design a high-energy nutritious diet consisting of steam-flaked white grains (Barley and Wheat) to increase digestibility; roughage consisting of hay and straw, silage, brewers’ grain, Digestible Distillers Grain (DDG); blended vegetable oil; plant-based protein meal; molasses, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Kerwee feed ingredients are all GMO (Genetically Modified) Free and verified under our 3rd party audited Ausmeat Natural Program. Kerwee do not use “yellow grains” (Corn) because of the higher levels of vitamin A and Carotene. Vitamin A is an inhibitor to establish marbling in the muscle and carotene impacts on the quality and color of fat. Kerwee cattle are all HGP (Hormone Growth Promotant) Free. HGP’s negatively impact upon marbling and meat quality.

 Grain feeding achieves consistent beef eating quality:

  • Those lipid cells in the muscle are filled which produces marbling.
  • Marbling ensures the meat is juicy and tender.
  • The grain ration Kerwee provides its cattle ensures a desirable flavor profile that can be experienced in every bite.
  • Finished on over 400 Days of White Grain ( NO CORN)

PD Ranch LLC Distributes to Chefs Butchers, & Restaurants in Southern and Central California.