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PD Ranch LLC


Since 1997 when the founders, Peter & Barbaara Diethelm aquired San Bernardo Creek Ranch it has run a Cow - Calf Operation running approximately 100 Pair.

Every year the calves are born around October and shipped under contract  around June. As a Coastal Beef producer John Diethelm, Ranch Manager, now operates JD trading Division for PD Ranch LLC monitoring flucauting Beef prices and maximizing Calf weights for sale. 



In October 2020 PD Ranch LLC also became a Distributor of Premium Grade Coastal lamb imported from New Zealand. JD Consulting & Trading now Distributes to Restaurants and Consumers in Southern and Central California.

Imported frozen premium grade lambs feed on the grass on the New Zealand coast where salt laden winds continually blow into the pastures our lambs graze on. This gives  Coastal Lamb it’s unique mild, clean taste and delicate, succulent texture.

For more information  please see the COASTAL LAMB Website