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Search Engine Optimization

How many of your Clients use Search Engines today ?
How important is it for your company to be in the top pages of Google ?

Millennium Marketing has over eight years of proven experience in the Industrial Marketplace for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in  achieving Internet marketing optimization goals. However NO company can specifically guarantee you an exact future ranking, on a specific Search Engine for a given keyword on an exact date. Online Browser Market Share

The search algorithm, the level of competition, and the number of search results on Google is constantly changing. These multiple variables mean that SEO is a blend of art and science founded on best practices and advanced programming. SEO can not be seen as a simply commodity in the way other marketing channels work.


  • Define a master keyword list
  • Learn and research your company, your clients and industry phrases
  • Increase your natural ranking on Google
  • Define and monitor goals of placement in the top pages of the Search Engine  Results
  • Grant you exclusivity in your market niche for your keywords
  • If you opt for a Pay Per Click (PPC) program with Millennium Marketing both the PPC and SEO Programs can be balanced per your marketing requirements for one or multiple positions on Google.

The table below shows natural ranking on Google for over time: Search Engine ranking over time

Table show increase of number of actual search results on Google over time:

Search Engine Terms over the last two years