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Mountain River Venison & Elk from New Zealand

Mountain River Farmed Venison and Elk Produced in a natural, sustainable manner Nature-farmed in the South Island of New Zealand

  • Grass fed, free of steroids and growth promotants
  • Under 30 months of age at harvest
  • Pasture to Plate Quality
  • Subtle delicate flavor, superb tenderness, and excellent nutritional qualities
  • Low in fat and cholesterol, but rich in iron and protein
  • Skilled Butchery Team US processing Certified
  • Consistant tenderness and Flavor. Flash Frozen for Freshness.
  • Complete Rancher Intergration thru entire supply chain with traceability

Available all year round

 Mountain River Red Deer Venison Cuts

8 Rib Frenched Rack 

• 2.5-3.2Ibs each pack• 4 racks per 12 lb carton

Leg Fillet

• Approx 1.5lb each pack
• 8 fillets per 12Ib carton

Shortloin - NY Strip

Small Bonless NY strip 1.2-1.8lbs
Large Boneless NY strip  1.8-2.5lbs

Osso Bucco

• 12- 16 oz ea
• 4 pieces per vacuum pack
• 6 packs per 22lb carton

Ground Venison 3/16

• 4 vacuum packs
• 2.5 lb each per 10lb carton


• 4oz Medallions 4/pack. 10 Packs Per Carton


Mountain River frozen product is fresher ! The blast freezing process locks-in taste and tenderness straight from the farm to ensure product is fresh to you year round.