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Internet Marketing

If having developed your website your company has a desire to drive qualified users help in the form of an Internet marketing consultant. We can assist you to achieve your goals, specifically in the manufacturing sector.  There exist four fundamental choices:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - The ability of your website to be listed on Google Top 30

2. Vertical Search Engines (VSE) - Online Industrial Business Directories & News Rooms

3. Pay Per Click (PPC) - Sponsored links on the top and right hand side of Google

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

However each choice has advantages and disadvantages and the conundrum is which is the correct choice or mix of options is right for your company. The problem is that sales people that represent any specific singular part of this marketing mix tend to not respect the importance of the other options.  They just sell to you rather than advise you objectively and help you realize your own unique goals. We help Manufacturers & Distributors with objective advice.

Millennium Marketing seeks to be an objective consultant, explain the different options and advise you in what can be a complex  & daunting project. If you require help in the execution of your plan we can provide that service also.

Millennium Marketing seeks to simplify the complexities of Internet marketing and develop tailor made and balanced strategies for each client working with your own marketing staff or providing a cost effective part time marketing support role for you.

Different philosophies, timetables, and budgets all play in to formulating your industrial Internet marketing strategy.  This needs to be done in line with your unique goals and products NOT downloaded from a web site with a sales pitch in some kind of standard - "one size fits all" or "prepackaged quick fix" concept.

If you feel the adoption of new media marketing channels complex or overwhelming, then there is the requirement for a new media consultant to execute quickly and effectively. Management can avoid having to undertake timely education and implementation of these systems and focus on their core business. This can be highly cost-effective and allow manufacturers & distributors to meet with one vendor.

Millennium Marketing consults in three new media choices designed to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your site. We have developed a triangular marketing strategy involving these components that can be coordinated and balanced according to your needs, budgets, and results. We specifically focus on the ROI / Reporting / Analytics that are vital to maximizing the ROI from the marketing spend. Millennium Marketing provides specific consolidated management reports to that end.

  • Lowering cost of new customer acquired compared to traditional print media and tradeshows.

  • Reducing the amount time, staff, and resources required to design and execute the marketing campaigns.

  • Allow senior management to set simple top line budgets, issue directives and overall strategy for Millennium Marketing to execute and leave management to focus on day-to-day core business.

  • Shorten the sales cycle from point of first contact to final sale by providing information quicker and encouraging the prospect self qualify themselves using their own time and resources. 

  • Drive increased amount of qualified traffic to your site and analyze the behavior of that traffic.

  • Re-program and optimize the size in provide improved search engine ranking for phrases specific to your business.

"How can we be found on the Internet?" is simply the most common question or concern for most business owners and marketing managers. Millennium Marketing will help you answer that and implement a plan to achieve it.

You will also find vendors that represent only individual parts of this three-part strategy. The problem is that these vendors represent themselves as experts in a singular field of SEO, PPC or VSE, often only myopically to point out the disadvantages of the other Internet marketing systems they fail to represent.  

The difference with Millennium Marketing Consultancy is we consult, design and can, if required, execute all three parts of the strategy thus avoiding multiple vendors and simplifying the whole Internet marketing process for you, the client.

If you are interested in developing an Internet marketing strategy with Millennium Marketing LLC please contact us!

Millennium Marketing can help you objectively assess and understand Internet marketing as well as build and execute an Internet marketing program. Simplified with one vendor who understands and specializes in the Industrial sector. If you fit in to this niche and would like some help discussing any part of this summary please do not hesitate to contact Millennium Marketing.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

John Diethelm
Millennium Marketing Consultancy LLC