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Pay Per Click

Why use Millennium Marketing Consultancy LLC? - Overview of Service and Strategy

Millennium Marketing Consultancy LLC specializes in designing and implementing Google Pay Per Click (PPC) programs commonly seen as the sponsored links on the top & right hand margin of the front page of Google.

When selecting a PPC consultant the two most important concerns, that you must address to avoid wasting /losing money are:

  • To avoid any kind of advice / Recommendation from Google or a 3rd party consultant that attempts to invoke/increase your total spend. The Google PPC system & PPC consultants are geared to inducing your spend. 3rd parties who work on a Percentage of Spend are constantly looking to either augment the spend or ensure the budget gets completely spent.
  • Get a written guarantee that a 3rd party consultant will NOT represent a direct competitor. This could wrongly and unethically invoke higher costs through a bidding war between two clients under the same PPC management which not in your interest.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Sponsored Link Advertising ?

The concept of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is essentially very simple. You bid against your competitors for a position on Google fro a given "search term".  When the user searches for that phrase, sees your Ad, they click on it and you pay for each an every click.  But the system must be used in extreme caution and is best used as a part of a balanced strategy rather than an exclusive marketing solution for the following reasons.

  • Many users have no commercial intent. That is fine if you pay a fixed fee for your exposure but a concern if you are paying per click.
  • The Pay Per Click system is subject to a varying percentage of fraud. Users / Competitors that have malicious intent to Click on your Ad and run up your bill.
  • Users are likely to browse amongst several paid Ads. A user may typically click on 2 or 3 ads to locate the website environment they prefer the most. The paid clicks are many steps from generating an actual sale/enquiry.
  • Be aware of "Content matching offerings" when you are in a niche business. These programs generate a huge amount of impressions and click thru's from a largely unqualified audience. Spending a lot is not a good thing if the click thru's are not well targeted or prequalified.

You must decide whether to learn, build and manage the system on your own or to get professional help.

Why Do I need Professional Monthly Management of a Pay Per Click Programs?

A sponsored link program is incredibly dynamic with a wide range of variables that require constant adjustment in order to maximize your return on investment.

Only an experienced professional can really execute effectively drawing from a large knowledge base gained from managing multiple clients, thousands of keywords, and significant sums of money. The core goals are to increase the Click Thru Rate (CTR) whilst decreasing the Cost Per Click (CPC) whilst maintaining good conversion rates. Clicks for the sake of clicks result in wasteful spend. This is an ongoing balancing and rebalancing that takes a significant amount of time.

There are no short cuts or effective automated procedures. The multiple adjustments and management of a program takes programming time pure and simple.

See Google's Top Tips for AdWords accounts

Executing / Changing strategic directives: Companies with multiple product lines want the ability to vary the spend on a product line by product line basis in tandem with new product launches, High margin products, seasonal products

Customization of Ad Groups and Ad Word Descriptions: 1 Standard - generic Ad for multiple keywords is NOT effective. A collection of Unique Ads that specifically target specific products and services is far more effective. Ads should also be tested and quality scores reviewed. New Ads posted in attempts to improve quality score and increase Click Thru Rate (CTR)

Manual Adjustment of the Bids: The number of advertisers and the amount they are prepared to bid fluctuates constantly as new advertiser enter/leave the bidding process for a keyword. Whilst you only pay 1 cent above the high bid if you simply set the Cost per Click (CPC) max too high in an attempt to avoid managing it the PPC system can quickly determine that all the high bids exceed your budget and thus eliminate you from the display rotation on the perception of insufficient funds determined by your daily budget.

Competing with other professional advertisers: If you do not manage your program it will have to compete with the other professionally managed programs and so fare much worse.

Sliding off the first Page: Google's first page bid estimates tend to change greatly. If you want your ad on the front page, Google does not notify you that the ad is no longer showing. It simply doesn't show up until you manually check it. An ad may have been #1 when you initiated the campaign but left unmanaged the ads slide down the page and then off of it completely.

Steps required to Build and Manage an effective Pay Per Click Campaign

The Pay Per Click advertising procedure can be summarized in two parts as follows: Account Set Up and Account Management. Both activities are time consuming, and can be self-administered thru the search engine using a user online interface and login. However, depending on the number of words you decide to use and your level of marketing experience the learning curve can be costly and tedious. The professionals have hundreds of tried and tested hours and extensive experience in phrase selection, description writing, and bid management.

Account Set up

  1. Define your list of Keywords/Phrases: Review the vocabulary of your customers/prospects/business
  2. Write descriptive text for your ad within the given permitted number of characters allowed and assign a URL
  3. Set a list of negative Keywords if needed
  4. Set Keyword matching options to Exact or Broad or Phrase
  5. Set date/time of campaign execution
  6. Upload the data into the sponsored link advertisers system.

Account management

  1. Frequently (daily/weekly/monthly) review your position/rank of your PPC term
  2. Frequently (daily/weekly/monthly) adjust you bid for each PPC term.
  3. Eliminate ineffective terms and Ads
  4. Manage / stay within set budgets
  5. Improve qualified click thru rates and lower the cost per conversion
  6. Report and summarize data for management review
  7. Monitor & Balance natural listings/ranking with the Paid/ Sponsored Ads

Pay Per Click Professionals - How to pick the right one - AGREE ON A STRATGEY THAT SUITS YOUR NEEDS

  1. That PPC should not be your whole Internet marketing strategy rather just part of it. Get a professional to help you balance and manage the Internet marketing mix.
  2. Mistakes or the learning curve can be extremely expensive in Pay per Click and refunds are rarely given. Pay Per Click Professionals can clearly ensure that your dollars are wisely spent. Furthermore, ongoing and frequent management that constantly adjust and readjust the program can control costs.
  3. Get a professional who specializes in the manufacturing sector and understand the unique terminology and issues relevant to Industrial marketing. Generic approaches are not to your advantage when you have to pay for each Click.
  4. Ask the professional if they have Google Ad words Qualifications and experience in this field. The industry lacks accreditation but this is at least a basic qualifier.
  5. Ensure that you have complete exclusivity against competitors so that your pay per click program is no bidding against another program managed by the same professional.
  6. Agree on a strategy to minimize total spend and maximize the qualification of your click thru's by avoiding "content matching" and "generic optimization" programs.
  7. Carefully select and sponsor highly qualified Search words/phrases and then further qualify by writing highly targeted/qualified descriptions to those already qualified search terms.

Millennium Marketing LLC adheres to these 7 criteria above and offers two options on a minimum 6-month term contract basis. All set and program fees are only quoted upon full review and agreement of the pay per click terms to be used in your program.

Option A : Pay Per Click Millennium Marketing "Client Assisted"

This is for clients with their own Google account and payments direct to the search engine - Google. In this plan the Click thru payments to search engine can vary week to week. Millennium Marketing assists by devising an improved campaign and uploads it, manages it and reports every 4 weeks to management. Programs can be adjusted with agreed directives from both the Client and Millennium Marketing. There is a one time set up fee plus a fixed monthly fee. Millennium Marketing provides client access to the Google Adwords account

Option B : Pay Per Click  Millennium Marketing "100% Administered"

This is for clients who require a "hands off" approach and a complete set monthly budget that does not fluctuate. Millennium Marketing select the keywords, write the descriptions, upload, manage and then pay the search engine for any click thru's. There is a one time set up fee and monthly fee/budget. The fixed budget is inclusive of all administration, standard reporting and All Google Click thru costs. Millennium Marketing is owner of all content and data contained within the Google Adwords account.

Important Note: Many Pay Per Click Companies operate on a budget set by the client then add a management fee or percentage based on the amount spent every month.  The vendor attempts to spend 100% of your budget or as much money as you permit, regardless of what the correct thing to do is, since their resulting fees are higher.  This is clearly not in your best interest. Millennium Marketing does not conduct business this way.

WARNING: The Pay Per Click systems such as Google offer "Free pay per click program optimization services" and "Content Matching services" at no charge. However these services, with limited knowledge of your business are designed to increase the level of generic traffic and thus your total spend. Millennium Marketing does not use nor endorse these services. It is NOT in your interest to increase NON QUALIFIED traffic/clicks since you will pay more and achieve fewer conversions. If you are in B2B, focused marketing we recommend that you DO NOT SELECT this option/service.