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Why use Pay Per Click on Google?

Search Trends from June 2014

comScore Explicit Core Search Share Report, June 2014

The Chart below is clear. Google is the most dominant Search Engine with the most traffic at over 60%. If you are going to start a pay per click program the place to start is Google.

share of searches

example of reporting

The goal is to Reduce the CPC (Cost Per Click). With Millennium Marketing cost control & management we have reduced the CPC from $3 to $1.5 that is a 50% reduction.

CPC chart

The Goal is to increase the clients CTR (Click Thru Rate) for selected terms using qualified Ads. This shows a change from 1% to 2.5% a 250% improvement with Millennium Marketing Management.

Graph to show CTR trend

Examples of Millennium Marketing clients:

RoHS Fastener Distributor Search in Google (PDF)

RoHS Fastener Distributor Search in Yahoo! (PDF)

RoHS Fastener Distributor Search in Bing (PDF)

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