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Driving Users with Commercial Intent to Your Website!

If having developed your website your company now has a desire to find and drive qualified users to your site and generate a qualified quote or sale enquiry. I can assist in developing a comprehensive Internet marketing plan.  I specialize exclusively in small and mid sized companies  that pursue niche and specialist marketing strategies .

My private clients are Manufacturers, Distributors, Boutique Hotels, Boutique Cruise lines In the arena of Internet Marketing Strategy and Audits. Each one of my clients is granted 100% exclusivity against any of their competitors.

There exist four distinct choices:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
Vertical Search Engines (VSE)
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Millennium Marketing consults on SEO, VSE and PPC


However, each option has advantages and disadvantages. The conundrum is which is the correct choice for your company and which mix of options is right for your company. The problem is that “sales” people that represent any specific singular part of this marketing mix do not respect the importance of the other options. They just “sell” you their solution rather than advise you objectively or develop a custom solution tailor-made to your needs. I am an objective consultant that will explain the different options and advise you in what can be a complex and daunting project.

From there on I can execute your Internet marketing plan incorporating the different philosophies, timetables, and budgets that all play a part in your balanced and effective industrial Internet marketing strategy. This needs to be with in person meetings by someone who understand your business. It cannot simply be downloaded from a website with a generic sales pitch in some kind of standard or “prepackaged quick fix” concept. This allows management to focus on their core business and simplify this whole process by meeting with one vendor, Millennium Marketing LLC.

I also provide specific consolidated custom management reports to show real results and provide Return On Investment for the marketing dollars spent.

If you are interested in developing an Internet marketing strategy and would like help resolving the challenges outlined above please contact us at your convenience.

Millennium Marketing can help you objectively assess and understand Internet marketing as well as build and execute an Internet marketing program. Simplified with one vendor who understands and specializes in the Industrial sector. If you fit in to this niche and would like some help discussing any part of this summary please do not hesitate to contact us.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

John Diethelm
Millennium Marketing Consultancy LLC

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