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Target and capture qualified users


CUSFD by Millennium MarketingCUSFD (Capture User Submit Form Data) Millennium Marketing's system captures and stores all the data from forms on your website. This system helps connect website leads with your marketing efforts and assess ROI and to build email lists. Learn more about Capture User Submit Form Data.


SSIMS by Millennium Marketing SSIMS (Sponsored Search, Implementation, Management & SEO) Sponsored Search, Pay Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are just parts of your internet marketing mix. Millennium Marketing helps you design and execute a balanced approach to make your expenditure go further. Learn more about Sponsored Search, Implementation, Management & SEO.


Email Newsletter and Press Release Services Millennium Marketing offers newsletter services in conjunction with press release writing and distribution. If you don't have your own email lists our Data Capture services build them for you. Learn more about Email Newsletter Service and Press Release Services.