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About Us & Our Partners

Millennium Marketing Consultancy LLC was formed by John Diethelm in 2000 during the New Years Eve celbrations for the new Millennium and fears of Y2K. 

I knew that there would be a gradual but siesmic shift from Traditional Media to New Media and that each company would require custom solutions and consulting. 

Now 18 Years later it is true to say that each one of my clients has progressed at a difference pace along this journey.

Today a companys website has to reflet it USP and its business model.

Most importantly it must generate sales opportunities.

Owners and Management continue to seek an independant opinion of how to have the company website communicate value to their customers and prospects.

If your company would like an honest opinion of the companys website , in person, and wish to improve the business opportunities the website generates please Contact me.



John Diethelm