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Vertical Search Engine Comparison

Today the Internet provides manufacturers and distributors with a large array of new marketing options in new media. Millennium Marketing represents and independently consults on a complete set of Internet marketing solutions that include the major Vertical Search Engines (VSE) in the industrial sector.

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The goal of Millennium Marketing is to provide clear separation from representing any one Vertical Search Engine (VSE) as a sales representative might. I believe it is in your interest to give you objective advice not only about each of the competing industrial VSE's strengths and weaknesses but also how to balance your VSE marketing program with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).

Millennium Marketing can assist you in your discussion with any VSE sales representative providing clear direction and budgetary control.

Types of  Online Directories

There are essentially two kinds of online directory: Those that morphed from print directories or magazines and those whose genesis was launched on the Internet. For those directories that transitioned from print they bring powerful legacies of a:

  • Large Advertiser Base 
  • Established Usership
  • Brand Name Recognition
  • Well-Defined Headings/Categories

These are critical criteria that the new start up online directories must combat. While these legacies are a huge advantage, this doesn't mean that they automatically provide the best online directory.

The fundamental premise of a directory is to connect buyers with sellers in a Business-to-Business (B2B) environment. So when considering which directory, put yourself in the position of a buyer of your own product/service and see which directory gives you the best experience. In essence, how quickly you can search and filter down to a qualified list of vendors.

The Vertical Search Engines typically represent a collection of companies and thus the Power of Many / Coop is often far greater than that of any given individual company by itself, especially when it comes to indexable relevant and current content the search engines consistently promote to the higher rankings. You will see the directories have good organic (SEO) results and they often conduct extensive Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns on behalf of their subscribers.

The directories all typically have sales reps to quickly design and execute contracts with scalable pricing requiring very little time and effort on your part. So if you don't want to invest large amounts of time into Internet marketing and unraveling its complexities, the Vertical Search Engines are a good stand-alone solution.

Essentially the general Search Engines can be frustrating for specialist B2B users with commercial intent who needs to find a list of reputable vendors to procure an item quickly. The Vertical Search Engines (Online Directories) on the other hand, generate a reduced quantity of high quality traffic.

Traffic on Vertical Search Engines

Selecting the Right Vertical Search Engine (VSE) Online Directory

In the industrial / manufacturing sector the vertical search engines or business directories are highlighted in the table as follows. All of them operate on a contractual basis of 3-12 months with contract issued by authorized representatives.

VSE Comparison Chart